Friday, November 30, 2007

Final Fotos

Since I've only got a couple of more days here in China, I figure it's now or never to post these miscellaneous photos that didn't quite fit into the subjects of any of my previous entries.

The living room of my apartment is very bright, thanks not just to the large sliding glass doors but to the blindingly white floor tiles and white walls that are found in every recently built Chinese home.

Students on their way back from class; most travel on bicycle.

At the beginning of the semester the various student clubs on campus recruited new members one weekend; this, obviously, is the kung fu club.

People here absolutely hate the sun, and use their umbrellas to protect themselves from it. Me, I've been seizing the opportunity to sit on my balcony and bask in it right up until this week, when it finally turned too nippy.

Kids at the Jusco department store in Zhuhai transfixed by a video featuring some anime-derived toy.

Every afternoon after the last class, the field across from my building (my apartment is the one to the right of the one with the white sheet over the railing) is filled with students playing soccer. The smoke in the background comes from a nearby construction site where they're burning rubbish (the smell sometimes got into the laundry that I dried on the balcony, as all Chinese do).

I join hungry students lining up for duck in the dining hall.

Here's the Duck Man (I obviously don't mean Carl Barks).

I quickly grabbed this shot of the sun sinking behind the campus as I left the classroom building after my final lecture last night, on my way to my farewell banquet.

Besides these unused (till now) photos, there are also a number of blog entries I never had a chance to write — for example, I wanted to do one on China's smells, which are everywhere, unlike antiseptic America — but in a few days I'll be blathering about such observations to anyone who'll listen.

I didn't even get to finish all the novels I brought over to read in what I correctly figured would be a fair amount of downtime between classes. I made it through Man's Fate, but I got bogged down about two-thirds of the way through Bleak House, so I turned to something livelier: Huckleberry Finn. Since I don't have any English-language magazines (I was tempted by the latest issue of The Atlantic in Hong Kong, but the price was about US$12), I expect I'll be spending a lot of time with the by-now-tattered paperbacks on the 13-hour flight back.

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