Friday, November 16, 2007

Return to the South Gate Restaurant

Ever since the English Club took me to that restaurant outside the campus's South Gate, I've been wanting to take C***o and R****i there, and we finally made it there tonight. C***o ordered, with some suggestions from me based on my prior visit, and I paid the minimal check. I had guessed that the place serves mostly Northeastern food, and I was right; it turns out the owner is from Changchaun, Ling and C***o's home town.

C***o ordered so much that we took home leftovers — that doesn't seem to happen much here (the uneaten food usually just goes to waste). We had the sauteed shredded potatoes that are popular in the Northeast, as well as a lamb and scallions dish, chicken and mushrooms, and the pork moo shoo that I had enjoyed so much with the English Club. After C***o and I drank about half of the bottle of wine I bought her in Hong Kong a week ago (Rongli doesn't care much for western wine), we also polished off a couple of large (one pint) Tsingtaos. The bill came to 78 yuan — just over $10. Back home, the beers alone would cost more than that. And,of course, dining outdoors in mid-Novmeber is a treat in itself. Is it any wonder that I'm already beginning to get glum about my departure in a couple of weeks?

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