Monday, October 15, 2007

Duck at Last

I was beginning to get a bit weary of the dining food cuisine (which I'll blog on in some detail in the future), but tonight the window offering roast duck—which has been closed every night for the past week—was finally open, so I had the chance to try something new. It's neither the best such example of the dish that I've had (that would have to have been at Quanjude in Beijing) nor the worst, but it certainly is the cheapest: 5 yuen, or about 60 cents.

As for the Styrofoam packaging (as well as the disposable chopsticks that I can't seem to make them understand that I don't want), I'll also have something to say on that later, not just on the blog but in the lecture on America's Green Movement that I'll be giving next week. Suffice it to say that the only environmentally positive thing I can note in China's favor is the prevalence of bicycles and motorscooters, and even that's diminishing rapidly.

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jiejie said...

Looks like someone needs to eat more veggies.