Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saw the Sea

It was another dreary, overcast day, but I got antsy, so after lunch I decided to take a stroll in the opposite direction of the one I took the other day,this one along the coastline.

I started out outside the college's Main Gate, where there's a rather unprepossessing little beach.

There are always a few of these small boats just offshore. On one of them I saw a man who was fishing with a net; I imagine all the boats contain fishermen.

The beach wasn't particularly attractive, and it had a strong silty smell, but the kids don't seem to mind.

The beach isn't very long, and then I had to walk along a dull stretch of highway for a little over a kilometer... which point I was rewarded with a more picturesque stretch of the sea. There were many more boats here...

...and even more tied up alongside the fishermen's homes.

These ramshackle homes intrigued me, so I took a closer look.

Whenever kids see a foreigner, they scream, "Hello, hello," or something else that I can never understand (and probably don't want to).

I'm a little disappointed with the results from the Kodak EasyShare camera we hastily bought before Ling went to Amsterdam last month. Sure, it's convenient, but the viewfinder's impossible to use outdoors, the telephoto is inadequate, and overall I don't think the pictures are as sharp as the ones I got from our old Canon. But the cloudy conditions weren't optimal for the sort of long-distance shooting I was doing today; maybe I go back there when the sun's out and see if I can do any better.

At this point I was nearing the Zhuhai Airport and nearly decided to turn around, but I decided to press on just a bit further. I'm glad I did, because I stumbled upon a wonderful market that'll be the focus of my next entry.

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J said...

Thanks Gordon! I've been to busy to check your blog the last few days. I made a comment to the "speakers" entry but didn't sign in to gmail and then it was lost! Do you feel comfortable there? When I was in China, I reached after about a month an equilibrium between discomfort and fascination, unlike anything I had -- or have since -- ever felt. How are classes? Aren't the Chinese young-uns dear ---- I mean very enthusiastic and curious and cautious and wishful and naive and worldly (given Chinese -- however much lost -- civilization) all at once? Aren't they dear and sweet and at the same time dreadful (I mean ignorant and deprived and inexperienced)? Is it truly hot there? It's heading very distinctly into Autumn here. Ling and Susan went, I think, to Northpark Nature Center today. Didn't we go there once and eat roasted chestnuts? You can get those on the street in Dongbei Zongguo! How 'bout down there? I saw the movie "Into the Wild" with Fon last night. He had a stronger positive reaction than I. He's younger, and Wanderlust is still a bit of a mystery for him too. Any more concerts? My (lost) "Comment" to your "Speakers" blog entry involved among other things hearing the "Forest Gump Suite", wafting --- no, truly BLASTING -- from the courtyard of a neighboring -- and fully visible from the 7th floor (mine) of the Shenyang Urban Planning, Desing and Research Institute -- windows, one day .... well, all morning actually. Strange, huh? The "leader" of the desultorily exercising students was screaming into a loadspeaker throughout the "gym class" (That's my translation of what was happening down there in the courtyard.).

Eat ice-cream!

Those kids are screaming "Lao Wai" -- it means, endearingly, "Old Foreigner"!

Zaijian, for now!