Friday, October 26, 2007

A Lot of Fruit for a Little Loot

Thought I'd take a break from raving about the meals I've had in restaurants here to rave about the fruit I've been buying. This is the haul that I brought back from the campus grocery yeaterday. (I've started getting my produce from the grocery rather than the markets: Not only does it bypass the hassle of trying the undertsand the prices that they farmers are telling me, but there's a refrigerated case with cut-up portions like this pineapple and papaya.) Everything here cost me around $1.20.

I have tropical fruit for breakfast every morning, accompanied by yogurt and the Peet's coffee I brought from Chicago (the same routine Ling and I enjoy on our trips to Hawaii, except the coffee there isn't Peet's). Sometimes -- especially the day after I've had a big dinner like the one at the seaside restaurant I just blogged about -- I'll make my entire lunch or even dinner out of fruit.

In fact, I'd been planning to have an all-fruit lunch at home today -- I'd been thinking about the papaya during my class this morning -- but I stopped by the faculty room of the dining hall to see if C***o was around (that's where she prefers to take her meals: The selection's not nearly as large as in the vast rooms for students, but she hates the din there), and I couldn't resist this small steamed fish (an item I'd never seen offered there before), which only cost about 40 cents.

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