Sunday, October 14, 2007

Stroll to San Zao

I decided to take another stroll this afternoon, this time heading towards the nearest town, San Zao, about 5 km from the campus.

The first km or so was relatively bucolic, even though it was along a highway. But it wasn't too long before the route became dominated by small factories producing everything from automobile glass to printing supplies.

It was a relief when I finally reached the retail area of San Zao.

The town struck me as larger than it seemed when I was there briefly on my first day here. It reminded me of every other smaller city I've been to in China (that is, every one other than Beijing or Shanghai), but covered much, much less ground. It gave me the sense that a large chunk had been lifted from a genuine city and plopped down in the middle of the countryside.

I found another market, but unlike the rural one I visited yesterday, this one sold not just food but all sorts of housewares and other goods.

These stands will do sewing while you wait...

...and these will repair shoes and other leather goods.

There's fruit and other produce to be had, of course...

...including nuts and grains. Somehow, though, it didn't look as appealing as yesterday's market.

Bananas are big in these parts.

Biker wannabes.

The return walk to campus wasn't interesting enough to do twice, so I hopped a bus back. I think it was the same bus that continues on to Zhuhai; I'll find out tomorrow.


Sjaak said...

Hey Gordon! Gr8 to be able to follow your adventures! Looks like you are having a ball!


meng said...

Sounds like a nice trip!
Have fun there.

J said...

Careful, Gordon, those "biker wannabes" look like trouble! Great photos and captions!